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Let’s Get Going

Let's Get Going is an online lifestyle destination that gives millennial women the tools to become their own icons. With stunning photos and honest writing, LGG covers a variety of topics including trend reports, cocktail recipes, beauty hacks, personal essays, and romantic advice for millennials written by millennials. Check out some of LGG's philosophies below. 


"Don't tell women what to wear. Tell them how to wear what they want to wear so they can go anywhere they want."


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"Authentic stories. Real experiences. Learn from each other and grow together" 


Photo by Bonnie Saporetti

Photo by Bonnie Saporetti


Why, hello there and thank you for stopping into Let's Get Going, my name is Sola Onitiri and I'm the founder and chief creative editor of Let's Get Going. Which is just a fancy way of saying that I'm as passionate about creating content that inspires millennial women.  

I started Let's Get Going with the help of amazing bad ass creative women in April 2017. From the humble beginnings of a little blog called Lifestoned Adventures (#TBT) to today, I focus on brining creative millennials together to support and encourage each other to be iconic. 

As a writer, photographer, and creative director, I've had the opportunity to work with brands like Club Monaco, Clean&Clear and Refinery29

As a digital nomad, catch me on the road and mostly on Instagram. 


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