what's cooking good looking?

Let's Get Going is a collaborative lifestyle platform that strives to give women of every background the tools and knowledge to be their own icons. 

Let's Get Going is based on the idea that self-care, self-love, and confidence can take you anywhere. That is why we are dedicated to creating content for millennial women that encourages them to shop, dress, eat, live, and love unapologetically. 

Every word, photo, and video was written by millennials who are tired of being told who we are, what we lack, and why we're messing everything up. This team of writers, photographers, and creatives have been assembled to share an authentic point of view. 

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OUr Philosophy

"We don't tell women what to wear.
We tell them how to wear what they want to wear So they can go anywhere and do anything they want." 




The Let's Get Going Fam

Creating a network of different points of views and experiences is what we're all about. If you're interested in joining the fam shoot an email to sola@nowletsgetgoing.com.