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Let's Get Going is a collaborative fashion + lifestyle platform that strives to give women of every background the tools and knowledge to be their own icons. 

Let's Get Going is based on the idea that self-care, self-love, and confidence can take you anywhere. That is why we are dedicated to creating content for millennial women that encourages them to shop, dress, eat, live, and love unapologetically. 

Every word, photo, and video is written by millennials who are tired of being told who we are, what we lack, and why we're messing everything up. This team of writers, photographers, and creatives have been assembled to share an authentic point of view. 

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OUr fashion Philosophy

"Don't tell women what to wear.
Tell them how to wear what they want to wear so they can go anywhere they want and do anything they want." 

Most women have a rocky relationship with fashion. And trust us ladies, we know because we've been there. Whether it's being insecure about your size or wondering how to keep up with trends - sometimes it seems like fashion wasn't made for us but rather something that's done to us. We're going to teach you that keeping up with fashion is only the tip of the ice burg. We'll stay on top of the trends and report back on what we find, but the rest is up to you. The only thing we're going to encourage you to do is confidently dress for yourself and like yourself. 


Our Lifestyle Philosophy

"Authentic stories. Real experiences. Learn from each other and grow together" 

Say goodbye to the faceless hundred item listicle, filled to the brim with gifs from Friends and Mean Girls. Millennial Living is far more than avocado toast and travel pictures. It's humor and uncertainty. Social justice and meme culture. It's art then heartbreak then Tinder. Our philosophy is built on a foundation of giving more meaning to the word lifestyle. So expect it to get real, at times gritty but always honest. Expect diversity in backgrounds, stories, people and medium. Our goal is always empathy and constantly authenticity. 


The Let's Get Going Fam


Creating a network of different points of views and experiences is what we're all about. If you're interested in joining the fam shoot an email to sola@nowletsgetgoing.com. 


Photo by Bonnie Saporetti 

Photo by Bonnie Saporetti 

About sola onitiri

Why, hello there and thank you for stopping into Let's Get Going, my name is Sola Onitiri and I'm the founder and chief creative editor of Let's Get Going. Which is just a fancy way of saying that I'm as passionate about every word, video, and picture that we publish as I am highly over-caffeinated. 

I started Let's Get Going with the help of my team of amazing bad ass creative women in April 2017. From the humble beginnings of a little blog called Lifestoned Adventures (#TBT) to today, we focus on brining creative millennials together to support and encourage each other to be iconic. 

As a writer, photographer, and creative director, I've had the opportunity to work with brands like Club Monaco, Warby Parker, and Refinery29. As well 

Catch me on the streets of Philadelphia, wearing bright colors, camera in one hand a taco in the other and looking for the next big story. 


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