Carrot + Sage Whiskey Cocktail

By Sola Onitiri

It's like a hearty side dish in a glass...with whiskey Photographed by Sola Onitiri

It's like a hearty side dish in a glass...with whiskey Photographed by Sola Onitiri

Can we start a petition to make carrots the new official flavor or fall? Before you spit out your PSL, hear me out. Perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth. Ideal for those with more of an earthy palate; Carrots can be slammed down flipped and reversed in ways that will satisfy and impress. In reality, they are just as versatile as pumpkins, so if you're already experiencing pumpkin spiced fatigue I've got your way out.

Head to your local health food store and pick up a bottle of pure carrot juice. Or if you're one of the lucky few with a juicer grab that. Today we're making a cocktail to herald the start of fall. Made with lemon and sage and honey syrup, it combines flavors that taste like a hearty fall side dish roasted with love. 

Sage and honey syrup takes minutes to make and can be used for a wide arrangement of cocktails and food. So this is the perfect syrup to have in your arsenal. 

Sage and Honey Syrup

Sage and honey Syrup Recipe

1. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil

2. Add 1/2 Cup of raw honey and 10-13 Sage leaves. Give them a slap before tossing them in so you can release the oils. 

3. Stir then let simmer (or sit if you don't have access to a stove top) for 5 minutes  

4. Remove sage and bottle 

"If you're tired of pumpkin everything, I've got your way out."

Carrot and Sage Whiskey Cocktail

This is a whiskey lover's cocktail. It can be made with either bourbon or rye depending on the strength of your sweet tooth. Due to the honey based syrup, I went with rye. The spiced smokyness of the rye enhances both the carrot and sage flavors. Here's to sweater weather drinking.  

Carrot and Sage Whiskey Cocktail @nowletsgetgoing

Carrot + Sage whiskey cocktail 

What You'll Need: 
- Sage for the garnish (or to ward off evil) 
- Sage and Honey Syrup (See above)
- Lemons for juicin' 
- Your favorite Rye Whiskey
- Shaking Tins for shakin'
- Jigger for measurin'
- A comfy sweater

The Build:
- 2 oz of Bulliet Rye
- .50oz sage and honey syrup
- .50oz fresh lemon juice
- 1 oz fresh carrot juice
- Shake with ice and strain into rocks glass
- Garnish with Sage


Make it your own!

Like I mentioned before, this could easily be done with bourbon. And for extra fall vibes, add a little nutmeg. 

Enjoy responsibly! 

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