6 Jackets For Every Fall Situation Imaginable

By Sola Onitiri

Photographed by Sola Onitiri

Photographed by Sola Onitiri

Is there anything better than the first coat wearing day of fall? That question is rhetorical -literally nothing is better. If you’re anything like me, you live for the coziness of brisk fall weather because it signifies finally getting your hands on that jacket or coat that would be fully ridiculous in weather colder than 50 degrees. And the best part of an already incredible fashion situation is that there is no one way to do a fall jacket. Despite what fashion magazines or fashion trend reports might say, there is no quintessential fall coat. Fall is a multifaceted season, filled with tons of different fashion needs. So why get one coat to rule them all? Here are six different, coats and jackets that are perfect for just about every fall-themed situation ever.

A jacket for getting your stuff from your summer fling’s apartmenT

Want to look like an completely unaffected bad ass while you kick that loser to the left, to the left? This is the coat to do it in.

A Coat for Instagramming In An Apple Orchard

If you don’t Instagram from an apple orchard did you even go? The answer is no. This gram is the perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and debut your new grown woman coat.

A cropped Jacket for stunttnig on the people you went to high school with at the homecoming game

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for and you finally have the jacket to make your triumphant comeback in your hometown.

A Checkered Cropped Jacket For Swanky Hotel Brunches

You can’t be bad and boujee without the right threads. If you’re going to drink an $18 Bloody Mary at a hotel restaurant on Park Ave. you need to dress the part. This checkered cropped jacket is the ticket.

A Coat FOr Recreating ‘Almost Famous’ Fashion Moments

If Almost Famous isn’t your fall mood board then what’s the point of this entire listicle am I right? This coat is the perfect throw back Thursday that fits just about every aesthetic.

A Jacket For Your most Fashion-Forward Halloween Ever

It’s time to level your Halloween costumes up America. If you’re going to be a party animal, dress like it’s the party of the decade in this Zebra Print Duster Jacket.

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