The Style Toolkit: A PBR Can

By Sola Onitiri

Before you reach for your four year old USA T-shirt that you got at Old Navy on the fly, I'm going to do my best to get you to reconsider. Let's switch up the typical Independence Day get up with inspiration from a BBQ and dive bar classic - A can of PBR. You should 100% drink responsibly but let me be the first to say,  no harm ever came from dressing irresponsibly. Here's the theme you didn't ask for but should emulate anyway.

The Base 

Everyday Jumpsuit  from Big Bud

Everyday Jumpsuit from Big Bud

The best way to construct an outfit is to start with the basics and build up from there. If you're emulating the beer you're going over state lines to buy for even cheaper, a good place to start is with a blank white canvas. Super chic and easy breezy, this number is flattering and all about the accessories you pick. Plus, is you get a little ketchup on you, you'll still be on theme. 

The Kicks

Jelly Slide Sandal  from Jeffrey Campell

Jelly Slide Sandal from Jeffrey Campell

Mules and jellies are almost a better combo than BBQs and brews. That little bit of a heel is perfect for the pre-celebration Instagram post but it's also comfortable enough to withstand many a backyard game of beer pong before fireworks.

The Eyewear 

The Dollies  from UNIF

The Dollies from UNIF

There's no where you should be this fourth of July without a trusty pair of sunglasses. True to our boozy source material, The Dollies from UNIF gives that lil pop of red because apparently if you're not dressing like what you drink are you really dressing or drinking? Bonus, if you just want to dress like a PBR can and not drink like one, these bad boys will also match a solo cup. 

The jewelry 

Reminiscent of fireworks and a ball of fun, these earrings from EarandWax on Etsy are going to be a knock out. An all white ensemble truly speaks for itself, so why not cheer it along with these pom poms. So pop these on before you pop open a can and your trusty Fourth of July lawn chair. 

The EXTras 

PBR/Morton Salt Girl Pin from Etsy 

PBR/Morton Salt Girl Pin from Etsy 

Ready to turn it up a notch? Good here are your final touches. PINS! It's time to let that pin collection of yours really shine. Anything red or blue will do but if you really want to knock this aesthetic out of the park grab one of these adorable beer pins. 

What are you rocking this Fourth of  July? Is it beverage related? Let us know below!