Keep Austin Vintage - Vintage Stores You Should Check Out in Austin

By Sola Onitiri

 Photographed by Sola Onitiri - Jumpsuit from Powder Vintage in Austin TX

 Photographed by Sola Onitiri - Jumpsuit from Powder Vintage in Austin TX

If I'm being honest, I wasn't really sure how I was going to take to Texas. Besides stuffing my face with Tex-Mex and flirting with musicians with wide brimmed hats, I didn't have much planned out. Luckily, I stumbled upon something way better. I found that what keeps Austin weird is it's incredible vintage scene.

The minute I stepped foot in Powder Vintage, I knew that the promise I made to not purchase any new clothes until halfway through my trip was out the window. After a quick look around, I zerod in on a green, polka dot jumpsuit from the 80s. It was love at first sight and I ran to the counter before I could talk myself into being frugal. I gushed about my find to the store manager Sasha (A Philly native so you know I felt at home) and she gave me the map to victory, Austin's Vintage Around Town Guide 2018. 

This is a list and map of 29 (Yes 29!) vintage and antique stores. It goes without saying, but for the sake of time and my poor, poor wallet, I was only was able to hit up a few spots. And they all had something special.

I came to Austin not knowing what to expect, but left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for vintage shopping. Here are my picks and why you should check them out. 

Powder Vintage - 1008 E. 6th Street 78702 

Vintage Shopping in Austin
Vintage Shopping In Austin - Everything You Need To Know
Powder Vintage Austin TX

Great mix of highly curated vintage items spanning from the 1950's to the 1990's. They also sell chic home goods, accessories, and items from local brands. 

Great For: Aesthetic and not being overwhelmed while Vintage shopping - their selection isn't huge but it packs a punch. 

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Bloomers And Frocks - 1628 s. 1st street 78704

Bloomers and Frocks Vintage Austin TX
Vintage Shopping in Austin - Everything You Need To Know
Vintage Shopping in Austin TX

Great For: Vintage for every size and photo ops. Bloomers and Frocks is super knowledgeable about each decade represented and how it translates to now. Bonus, they'll help you get measured which takes the guessing game out of vintage shopping. 

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Passport Vintage - 2217 S 1st Street 

Passport Vintage in Austin TX
Denim Heaven aka Passport Vintage in Austin TX
Modern Butts this one is for you

Great For: The sign says it all, vintage jeans for modern butts. They have a fantastic selection of denim and trendy graphic Ts. Also peep those mules. 

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Flashback Vintage - For The Daring Vintage Shoppers
Flashback Vintage - Austin TX
Vintage Shoes at Flashback in Austin TX

Great For: Vintage shoes and hats. Clothes withstanding, there are some once in a life time shoes at Flashback. 

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