We Tried A Lot Of Pinterest Recipes So You Wouldn't Have To

By Sola Onitiri

So you know these are good.

Photo by www.savorysimple.net 

Photo by www.savorysimple.net 

There's something magical about Pinterest. Even if you never sew a stitch, reupholster a chair, or bake a flan, just the possibility of doing so is reason enough to be on Pinterest. But as you know from the entire subreddit DIY Fails and the popular search item of "Pinterest Fails" our best intentions doest not a good flan make. But these fails aren't always our fault. Sometimes, the directions you get from Pinterest are not as spot on as they should be. Whether the recipe doesn't have enough butter or you would have to travel the world to find all the bougie ingredients listed - some recipes simply don't make the mark. Luckily we deep dived into our Pinterest boards and found recipes that are easy to follow, relitively easy to make, and delicious. 

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