6 Reasons Why Being Lazy Can Actually Be Really Good for You.

By Julia Abramson

6 Reasons Why Being Lazy is Actually Really Good For You
Photo: Frederic Cirou/Getty Images

Photo: Frederic Cirou/Getty Images

Some people are kind, some people are smart, and some people are lazy.

To some, this may seem offensive or insulting, but to me, it’s just another personality trait; a word to describe somebody. Dare I say it can even be a positive thing. Here are six reasons why being lazy can actually be really good for you.

1. They have the technology to help

Do you think I’d actually enter in my credit card info my app every time I’m trying to order pizza? The answer is no - no freaking way. Luckily, many apps have come to their senses and installed touch ID in order to pay, so I no longer have to roll over and get my wallet. The future is lazy, so why shouldn’t you be?

2. You get to know yourself better

Us lazy people will do whatever it takes to get as much idle time as possible, whatever form that comes in. So there is no disappointment when you don’t wake up that extra two hours early to get ready. You do that shit before you go to bed! I started planning around my lazy habits  and that’s when I realized I was truly a CLP (aka Chronic Lazy Person) and it has been the best decision I’ve made.

3. You get creative

One does not know what angles their body is capable of contorting to until they are confronted with the fact that they need an object on the other side of the room and their body is saying “Nuh uh honey” to moving. Think, are you really going to get out of bed to get that pen? Not today, Satan. I’ve been known to fling every object within my reach in order to get something that wasn’t. That, or I got hungry enough that I got up. Whichever comes first.

4. Shock value

Remember the time when it took you three hours to sew on one button because the job was too physically and emotionally strenuous? See what kind of reaction that gets at a party.

5. You laugh more

Honestly, I’m so lazy it’s comical at times. Friends have compared me as a cross between a sloth and a manatee, and seriously what is funnier than that? Accepting my laziness has made me a more lighthearted person. Being lazy also means not taking yourself too seriously.

6. It forces you to see people differently

That sounds unnecessarily deep and vague, but hear me out. People give laziness a bad rap. A person shouldn't be busy all the time. It's unhealthy. And being lazy doesn't make you unproductive or a bad person. I know that’s not true for me, and other lazy people must know it’s not true for them, so how many other “negative” personality traits could you be wrong about?

These six reasons are just a fraction of the ways being lazy can be good for you. Next time you want to get down on yourself for being lazy, remember laziness is what you make of it.

Julia Abramson is a writer and life explorer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. When she's not shouting out literary symbolism in TV shows or pretending she's Stevie Wonder's backup singer no matter where she is, she's probably eating and creating.