Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Get Your Sh*t Together

By Julia Abramson

September is (finally) here, and so are all the events that fall brings- fresh new school supplies, chilly nights, leaves changing, pumpkin flavored everything. Whatever fall means to you, you can’t deny that there is a shift in the air, a sense of urgency to enjoy the last beautiful days before winter creeps up. And that’s why it’s the perfect season to get your shit together. Don’t believe me? Here are my reasons why fall is the perfect time to get your shit together.

Fall clothes inspire Radical self-confidence

Although I am a warm-weather lover, there is no style I like more than lots of layers in many earth tones. Mix in boots and blazers, and I feel unstoppable. There is a culture of success revolving around fall fashion, and lets be honest, we’re all about it. So get ready to find your perfect power suit and kick some serious ass this fall.

When it gets darker earlier, you have to maximize your days

The worst part about fall is when it gets dark at 5pm. This is an immediate signifier to me to speed home from work, jump in my bed, and stay there until morning. Because of the limited daylight in the Autumn months, it is the perfect time to be productive during the day. That way when 5pm rolls around, you can confidently say you’ve gotten your shit together for the day and therefore can resume your personhood in the morning.

Saying Goodbye to that Summer Fling

He may have been fun and yeah you’ve had some good times, but it’s probably time to kick that summer boy to the curb. Whether it’s his impossibly bad texting habits or maybe you’re trying to settle down with someone who’s idea of fun isn’t light beer and cornhole with his friends that you don’t like - fall is great time to get your romantic shit together as well. Because let's be honest, your summer standards and your fall standards are vastly different.   


Leaves Changing Provoke Good Vibes

Earth tones are such a calming scenery. There is nothing like looking around and seeing vibrant reds and oranges in your peripheral. So get outside, breathe in the fall air and colors, and come back to the city ready to create and inspire.

End of the year is impending-sense of urgency

Remember your New Years resolution? Yeah, me neither. It’s hard to believe that we are in the last four months of 2017, and soon we'll have to restart and figure out how to make ourselves and lives better again. So think of fall as a much needed jump start. Take this time to tie up all the loose ends of the year so that you can not only have all your shit together for 2018 but also stick to those resolutions. 

So here’s to a season of light jacket weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and being undeniably you - just, you know, better.


Julia Abramson is a writer and life explorer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. When she's not shouting out literary symbolism in TV shows or pretending she's Stevie Wonder's backup singer no matter where she is, she's probably eating and creating.