I'm Becoming One of Those Millennials That "Quits" Their Job And Travels

By Sola Onitiri

Starting My Digital Nomad Journey

What a difference a year makes. Can you believe that Let’s Get Going is officially one year old? I can’t, it been a wild ride and it’s about to get wilder (more wild?). But first, some flowery exposition.

I came to Philadelphia six years ago. Starry-eyed, hungry for concrete, yet so fresh from suburban nature. In this six years, I’ve lived a dozen different lives. And that's the joy of this city of brotherly love. It gives you ample room for creation and recreation then recreation once more. It’ll give any fresh from nowhere person the chance to try new things.

In my case, it allowed me to be a student and a musician, and a zine maker. Then I was a consultant and a businesswoman and a mentor. Then a little broke, then a little less broke, then a little comfortable. I’ve been a photographer and a bartender and a stylist. And with each new life, I learned and grew and met people on the street who would change my life forever.

With that being said. I’m leaving Philly

Why did I subject you two about 100 words of my love for Philly, just to tell you I’m leaving? Good question! This city has made this trip possible a few times over. It’s given me the strength to reinvent myself for what feels like the millionth time since stepping foot here. Do you have questions? I have answers and they're below. 

So, where am I going? At the risk of leaving anywhere out and being fully cliche, the short answer is everywhere.

So, what will I be doing? I'm taking this show on the road, digital nomad style. I'll be returning back to the freelance world as a photographer/visual content creator. Click here for a little more information about what I do.  

I’m traveling in what can only be described as a zigzag formation across America. Below are a few cities I’ll be visiting. My journey begins on August 1st and I hope you can come along. Seriously, I'd love to meet you (yes you! Reading this!) at any of the cities below. Not feeling like moving - no worries follow me on Instagram so you can leave me tons of suggestions!

This is a new and SUPER scary chapter in my life and I can't wait to share it with y'all with all of the honesty I can muster. 

xx Sola

My Digital Nomad Journey