Fashion Resolutions For 2019 - Sustainable Rule Breaking

By Sola Onitiri

Sustainable Shopping in 2019

Photo by Sola Onitiri

You know what we’re not bring into 2019 with us? The incessant need to follow every trend by every person we love to hate and hate to love on Instagram. That’s over, that’s done. It’s tired and late. If we really are confident, if we’re truly iconic - we need to start dressing like ourselves. This is not to say that inspiration isn’t important. However, inspiration should never eclipse our own personal sense of style.

So instead of starting the year by sharing what the hottest trends of 2010 will be. I’m encouraging you (yes you) to create your own trends, your own fashion resolutions if you will. Save up for that nice All Saints coat you’ve been eyeing, deep dive into Etsy. When it comes to fashion (and pretty much everything in life), do what you want this year. Below are my big ticket Fashion Resolutions. Share yours below, on Facebook or Instagram.

Sustainable Shopping + Fashion Rule Breaking = 2019 SHmood

Sustainable fashion is something I’ve been hearing about for a bit now. But it wasn’t until my recent solo trip across the country that I actually started to pay attention. After donating 60% of my clothes and discovering the epicenter of thrifting/vintage shopping (Austin Texas), I realized that I could incorporate sustainable shopping practices in my life. Below are a few sustainable shopping tips and tricks

BYO Tote Bag

Oddly enough, this was my favorite part of west coast and Hawaiian life You get charged extra for bags so I always had tote bags on me. And although this is a teeny-tiny way to shop sustainable, this goes hand in hand with another personal growth resolution of mine to reduce waste.

Sustainable Shopping and Breaking Fashion Rules - Trends for 2019

Find a reliable vintage store and thrift storY

When I was on the road I would keep my bag light, so for every thing I bought, I had the option to donate something else (provided that It wasn’t too beat up). It was kind of like breaking even fashion wise. It kept me honest, it kept me minimalitic and kept my wardrobe updated and fresh. So even though I have a full closet and no bag, I want to carry those practices over.

Support Local Designers + Sustainable Brands

This is a resolution I can’t wait for. Now, as much as I wish I was in the tax bracket to afford a closet full of custom pieces and Danish brands made with only the softest of linen - that’s truly not the reality. So, instead, pieces from local designers and sustainable brands are going to be my treat yo self items.

mix and match

There’s a certain kind of freedom that comes with breaking the rules. And that’s exactly the kind of freedom I’m looking for when it comes to fashion this year. I don’t care what Kim K is wearing or Gigi or whoever else Vogue is trying to push at me. (Let the record show I still care about what Rihanna and Beyonce are wearing because duh). This year, I’m mixing styles, aesthetics, silhouettes and eras. I’m trying new looks out and seeing what sticks.

Fashion Resolution No. 1 - I'm Done With trends

What are some of your fashion resolutions this year? Let me know below or on IG.

xx Sola

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