Your Perfect Horoscope Color Palette (And Colors You Should Avoid)

It's Aries season, and in honor of this oh so very passionate time (can you tell I'm an Aries or nah), we thought we should lay down some truth on the colors that YOUR sign ought to and ought not be wearing for inner peace and outer fierceness. 

The colors (yes colors plural) that correspond with you zodiac take a few things into account, so when it comes to picking an outfit that’s in your zodiac wheel house you need to keep in mind that it’s more of palette and less of a Elle Woods pink only outfit decision.

But remember this, picking the wrong color is what we’re trying to avoid at all costs. Here are the best and the worst colors for your zodiac sign.  


What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear

Confident, sultry Aries. You wear your passionate energy on your sleeve. And those sleeves should be deep colors like blood orange, red, and even eggplant. It’s no surprise that a fiery personality hailing from Mars should wear the color that represents fire and blood. However, if fire and brimstone is a little too much for Sunday brunch, try off-white and cream, they will calm down even the most chaotic rams. This may come as a surprise to all-businesses Arians, but black is a color that you should avoid like Times Square at Santacon. Black does not harmonize well with others and represent Saturn, your sworn enemy. Also avoid white and pink, these colors will dim your independent and creative nature. 

Your Zodiac Color Palette - Red, Camel, Mustard, Rust, Eggplant

Your Zodiac Color No-nos - Black, white, pink  

What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear

If there’s any sign that’s going to be pretty in pink it’s hands down going to be Taurus. Reliable, patient and grounded, Taurus should dress for success in a color that will shake up their responsible side but still remain tethered to the earth. What better colors to achieve that look than bubbly pink, and if you’re really feeling spunky maroon. That doesn’t mean you have to kick those sensible colors out of your closet though Taurus. White and black are two colors that help you come to practical and stable decisions. Red, however, does not. Wear red and your typically level headed nature will turn into some of your less than sparkling attributes like stubbornness.

Taurus Zodiac Color Palette - White, Black, Bubble Gum Pink, Green, Beige
Your Zodiac No-nos - Red and Purple

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.30.27 PM.png

Gentle, affectionate, but sometimes indecisive Gemini. Naturally creative, you need a color that symbolizes creation and what better color than green. Green comes in so many different shades that even the most fickle Gemini can pin down their favorite piece in no time. White and pink are some other colors to fold into the mix when you’re feeling the need to express yourself, however, If you need some time off from the whirlwind that is the creative process Gemini, don’t be afraid to reach for black - it will help you make some tough decisions and keep anxiety at bay. So even if you feel that black doesn’t represent you as a creative, remember trendy Gemini, black is always the new black. All that good creative energy can turn restless in red and colors in that family Caring Twins so avoid those colors for peace of mid.

Gemini Color Palette - Light Green, White, Rose
Gemini Color No-nos - Red, Orange,


What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear?

Moonchild, your caring and sensitive nature needs a color that represents the ebb and flow of the tide. Although water might seem calm, remember there is strength in a current. Your zodiac color palette should mirror a beautiful day at the beach. Blue for the water, white for the sands, and yellow for a sunny day. Yellow, which represents your planet Jupiter is auspicious is exactly what to wear for success. All black will make you feel pessimistic and gloomy, so avoid it at all costs. You need flowy silhouettes, floral accents, warm yellow colors, and the occasional little red dress to re-energize and keep you focused.

Cancer Color Palette: Seafoam Green, Blue, White, Mustard
Cancer Color No-nos: Black, Burgundy


Strong willed, self starter Leo. You are no stranger to taking the lead, so you need colors that will help you do that in style. Bold like you’re ruling planet the sun, orange and yellow is what to wear when you’re closing the deal and charming your audience into a stupor. Think royalty the next time you shop and reach for purples, golds, red, and gold. There are not a lot of colors that Leo’s can’t rock but do stay away from pastels and beiges, they will turn your strong personality from charismatic to plain exhausting,

Leo Color Palette - Eggplant, Gold, Orange, Copper
Leo Color No-nos - Pale Pink, light blue, White

What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear

You are particular about the way you interact with the world. You have no time for fickleness and indecision. The colors that will help you make and stick to your guns are reserved colors like brown, grey and light colors like peach, mauve, light blue, green, and of course black. Mixing black and green is the perfect way for virgos to add a little color yet remain focused on the task at hand. Not one for stepping out of their routine, virgos might feel out of sorts when the experiment with bolder colors so avoid red to stay true to your nature. However, it wouldn’t hurt to throw navy blue into the mix every once in awhile.

Virgo Color Palette - Black, Grey, Peach, Light Blue
Virgo Color No-Nos - Red, Orange, Chartreuse


Gentle and intelligent, Libras are constantly looking for harmony and symmetry in life. Not one to be gaudy or extra, their ideal colors match their harmonious and classy aesthetic. For good vibes only white, tan, and pink is the way to go. Black is also completely on brand for most Libra’s who are looking to keep it classic and classy. If there’s one thing that will throw the libra chi off it’s mixing and matching to many bold colors. This upsets the balance that libras like to keep at all time. So keep it simple, and don’t wear more than two colors and cuts at the same time

Libra Color Palette - Pastel Pink, Cream, Black
Libra Colors No-Nos  -  Neon Colors

Resourceful, brave, and occasional stubborn scorpio, your style and taste is unmatched and will often keep people guessing. A passionate sign usually means passionate and mysterious and your wardrobe should match. Keep an eye out for sexy silhouettes in dark purple, maroon, rust and black. Basically, scorpio, get your Rhiannon on. Your outfits are completely determined by your intense opinions and moods so pale and light colors don’t align with the way you think. Don’t be afraid to mix and match unique pieces, you are an expert at keeping people guessing.

Scorpio Color Palette - Violet, Burnt orange,  Pomegranate, Black
Scorpio Color No-Nos  - Bubble Gum Pink and White


What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear

Optimistic and energetic Sagittarius, if you're not turning up the heat with your wardrobe you are not living your full truth. Brighten up the room with your can-do personality and a full spectrum of color. Mix in some red and royal blue if you're feeling like you need an extra burst of energy but avoid black and murky colors, they will completely alter your mood for the worst.

Sagittarius Color Palette - Saffron, Cornflower Blue, Sienna   
Sagittarius Color No-Nos - Black


What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear

Contemplative capricorn, you need wardrobe that helps you make those tough decisions that you're mulling over. So you're going to stick with colors that are minimalistic and practical. Grey, khaki, and navy blue will help you caring, careful capricorn but don't be afraid to wear some red when you're feeling like taking the leap. However avoid yellow at all costs, all it will do is make you feel restless and antsy.

Capricorn Color Palette - Grey, Navy Blue, White, Khaki, Black
Capricorn No-Nos - Yellow


What Color Should Your Horoscope Sign Wear

You're a dreamer airy aquarius who's already to take to the sky. So think modern, sleek, and upward forward. Because you belong in the sky, think of all the colors that will bring you there. Your wardrobe should reflect the way light interact with the clouds and the sky. Electric blues and silver linings. Although you can rock a chic all black ensemble, avoid it if you can aquarius, you need bright patterns to turn heads. 

Aquarius Color Palette - Silver, Sky Blue, Yellow, White, Lilac
Aquarius No-Nos - Black 


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.00.58 PM.png

Your mystical and emotional pisces so your outfits should express some of those feelings for you. Yellow is a color of cheer and optimism and perfect for when you get in a gloomy mood. Always pursue hopefully and light colors like light purples and peaches to help you stay on the bright side of life. Bold, deep colors will only exacerbate your more drama filled tendencies so avoid them at all costs.  

Pisces Color Palate - Peach, Cotton Candy Blue, Lavender, White
Pisces No-Nos - Red and Blue


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