Give Me The Deets: 6 Small Details that Will Make Your Outfit Pop

There are about a million adages, passages, catch phrases and mugs that all talk about the importance of being detail oriented. And when you think about it, fashion should probably be held responsible for 70% of those cliches because fashion is literally all about the details. Now that it's officially spring (aka uncuffing season) it's time to think about the tiny details that will make your spring-look pass as a spring chicken, even after you've spent all winter long cuffed to your Netflix queue. 

1. Rings 

Fashion Details

When it comes to rings think opulence. Try stackable, mix-matched, finger stylin' goodness for a classic bohemian inspired look this spring. An eclectic mix of vintage treated rings is the best way to rock this look. Style with you favorite wide brim hat and cold shoulder blouse.

2. Hoop Earrings 

Unfortunately, even some of the most fashion savvy people would never refer to the hoop earring as a timeless classic. If you are one of those people I want to take the time to strongly urge you to reconsider. What we refer to today as the hoop earring has been around for at least half a dozen centuries. Dating back to ancient Africa, Sumeria, Mexico, and countless other pre-industrialized cultures the hoop earring has constantly always been en vogue. So why not grab a pair this spring. Style with cool colors and a polo shirt. 

3. Socks With Personality 

Men are not the only ones that can have fun, outfit matching socks ladies. In fact, if you don't see your new favorite pair of personality-riddled socks in the women's section of your favorite boutique, don't be afraid to cross the aisle. A colorful, pair of funky socks is a conversation starter and a great way to tie in an outfit. Style with: your favorite midi skirt and oxford flats.  

4. Ruffles 

Ruffle detail

Sometimes you just got to get your salsa dancing emoji on. And the best way to streamline that metamorphosis is not by Dirty Dancing on although that's highly encouraged (Remember it's uncuffing season). Ruffle some feathers in a shirt, dress, or pair of pants with ruffle details. Style with: a leather motorcycle jacket or copious amounts of leather.

5.  It's All About Flare

fashion pins

In these turbulent political times, wearing your opinions on your sleeve, or vest, or jacket or hat is not uncommon. That's where pins come in they're basically the fashion equivalent of a bumper sticker. They tell people who you are, where you've been and your sense of humor. When it comes to buying pins, shop local. There are amazing neighborhood spots that have amazing custom and vintage pins. Style with: you favorite plain accesory. 

6. Statement Glasses 

Sometimes I think back to my awkward middle school days and forlornly reminisce about how much my game would've benefited from a non-pink-wired pair of glasses. I think about this so much that the concept of fake glasses shocks me to my core. All that being said, if you're even remotely seeing impaired investing in a colorful pair of glasses is the slight detail that will pull together your outfit. 

At the end of the day, it's being detail oriented that will set you apart from others in life. So make those details count. Fold in your favorite fashion knick knacks can make you look iconic. 

Photographer: Sola Onitiri Model: Keiko El

Watch the fashion video of some of our favorite looks from the shoot.