The Evolution of Winter Fashion (And The Designer Who's Making It Happen)

By Sola Onitiri

Photos by Sola Onitiri Designs by Sarah Rose Costa Model Alanah

Photos by Sola Onitiri
Designs by Sarah Rose Costa
Model Alanah

This is the kind of weather that just makes you want to grab a blanket (or four) and cozy up in bed with a rom-com. And on the rare occasion that you have to leave your bed for I don't know, let's say to grab a large bottle of Cabernet, you would still like to look good but not sacrifice your comfort. More often than not, fashion and functionality are strange bedfellows. Between pockets that are too small and pants that are too tight, sometimes it seems like the fashion industry has NO IDEA how people want to feel in clothes. 

Enter, Philadelphia based fashion designer Sarah Rose Costa. Her collection Whisper is an evolution of rigid, and serious winter fashion. "I want wearers to feel cozy, whimsical, and most importantly their-selves," said Sarah about her collection. 

Inspired by the warmth and comfort of a messy bed, Sarah designed her collection with the sensation of different textures on cold skin in mind. She combined thick, soft knits with sheer silks and yards of hand dyed organza, all while creating her own quilting technique. 

As the photographer on this shoot, let me be the first to say, that her designs will speak to you. And the designs are saying, "I'm a mint pair of palazzo pants with *pockets* and ethereal movement."  

Take a look at our first Let's Get Going Fashion Editorial of the year. Shot by yours truly, this shoot is all about the juxtaposition of stark winter with the casual yet glamorous comfort of Whisper by Sarah Rose Costa

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