The Nope Outfit (Because It's Too Damn Hot)

By Sola Onitiri

It’s a scientific fact that as the weather heats up, the desire to get dressed in real clothes starts to dwindle. Don’t believe me? It’s in a textbook somewhere I swear. But all joking aside, that 90 degree, chub-rub, pit stain season is upon us and we need to be prepared to be a little lethargic when it comes to getting dressed. This winter I introduced steps to constructing the perfect nope outfit. Unfortunately, that outfit is going to be no help for the hot summer days ahead. So today, as I sit directly in front of my air conditioner that was worth every freaking penny, I’m going to give you the style tips you need to look cute, even when all you feel like doing is falling asleep in the shade of a nearby tree. Here’s what you need to snag to create the summer ‘Nope” Outfit.

Sleeveless Tops

What to Wear When It's Too Hot To Wear Anything

Workplace permitting, a detailed sleeveless button up or tank is going to be your best friend this summer. The best way to avoid those embarrassing pit stains is to eliminate the sleeves in the first place. I would recommend wearing either dark colors or light colors. Because as much as I’m a fan of vibrant, lively top, they are the most likely to display sweat. Also, ditch polyester, spandex, or any combination of the two for cotton and linen. These are the best fabrics for people who sweat a lot.

Chokers & Neckties

And the award for best summer accessory goes to the choker medallion combo or a necktie. Popularized by Coachella and the Kardashian/Jenner Instagram machine, layering chokers with longer simple necklaces is all the rage right now. The best part of this style is it’s adaptability to a variety of different style. If you’re smelling like teen spirit, go with a tattooed stretched elastic choker with a gold or silver charm. If you’re feeling like a Roman holiday, try a classic red neck tie. Either way, this small detail will elevate your look from “I’m just headed to Rita’s” to “I’m a fashion editor taking artsy photos at Rita’s.”

Killer Kimonos 

What to Wear When It's Too Hot to Wear Anything

I’m going to write an entire full-length dissertation about Kimonos next week, but in the meantime, let me speak some truth about this summer, and nope outfit, must have. Kimonos are a great staple piece to have, and due to their popularity, come in just about every color, length, and size imaginable. Not to mention that they have the impeccable ability to be a perfect addition for both daytime and nighttime outfits. The sky's really the limit when it comes to this article of clothing.

Cool for The Summer Culottes

Photo By Julia Dent

Photo By Julia Dent

When it comes to summer bottoms, you have to think a few things through. One: Is it going to be comfortable. Two: Will I feel like I’m being squeezed to death by said article of clothing. And three: Will these become a second skin that some poor soul will have to cut me out of. If the pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts that you are currently wearing or considering make you ask any of these questions then it’s time to put them out to pasture until fall. If you’re still in the mood for pants but want a comfortable breeze, then you should really consider getting your hands on a pair of culottes.

BONUS: Jumpsuits

What to Wear When It's Too Hot to Wear Anything

All in one and one and done. Forego the picking and choosing for on choice. Jumpsuits are is easy as it gets and, much like kimonos, come in a variety of different styles and are perfect for work and play. If you’re considering wearing a jumpsuit for work or class, get your summer laying on and include a breezy blouse under the jumpsuit. For play, go with a denim culotte.