Debunking Beauty and Skincare Myths

By Lisa Le

Myth #1 "Natural" Products Are Always Gentle 


According to the Beauty Riot, not all products with the word "natural" label on it is actually gentler on your skin. All skincare products should be used in moderation and that you should always read the ingredients, even if it says all "natural." For example,  although tea tree oil can be good for treating acne, you should never use too much of it because your skin can become red and flaky. 

Myth #2 Baking Soda Cure Under Eye Bags 


After consulting with a skincare expert, Kerry Benjamin, Brit +Co found that using baking soda can cause damage to the skin's barrier making it worse over time. Kerry also pointed out that baking soda is alkaline making your skin a bacteria breeding ground. OH NO!

Myth #3 You Should Never Out Oils On Oily Skin


Putting oils on an acne-prone skin can be nerve wrecking since your mind is telling you to not add more oil to an oily skin. But adding face oils to your skincare routine is actually beneficial. Depending on the type and kind of oils you used, there are many benefits. Head over to our post on how Essential Oils Might Just Be The One Product Missing From Your Skincare Routine and read about our thoughts and recommendation. 

Myth #4 Only Old People Need Retin-A Or Retinol 


While you might think that Retin-A and Retinol are only meant for old people who need help with wrinkles, it actually has more benefits than you think. According to the Beauty Riot, these chemicals help with acne, pore size, skin tone and overall skin health. So next time you see something with Retin-A or Retinol, don't be afraid to give it a try!

Myth #5 You Should Take A Makeup  Break To Let Your Skin "Breathe"


As someone who wears makeup every since day, I had the mentality that I need to let my skin "breathe" and not wear makeup all the time but according to Refinery29, wearing makeup will not suffocate your skin. Proper cleansing and exfoliation will help clear your clogged pores. So go ahead and wear makeup as much as you want! Just make sure you have a good cleanser at the end of the night.