Crazy and Fun Halloween Tutorials You Must Try!

By Lisa Le

Halloween is actually one of my favorite holidays beside Thanksgiving. People get to be whoever and whatever they want to be! Whether you want to be scary or damn straight sexy, do YOU sweetie, do YOU. Halloween is just so much fun and some people really take it seriously. Take Heidi Klum for example, she's known for having crazy, extravagant costumes every year. Last year, she showed up to her NYC Halloween party with five doppelgangers. I can't wait to see what she's going to be this year. 

But whatever you want to be or whoever you want to be, just have fun! Below are some of our favorite Halloween tutorials, so go crazy, get creative and be inspired! 

Two Face Death 

Cool AF Clown 

Medusa Glam 

Glam Skull 

Blue She Devil

Wonder Woman Comic