The Best Skincare Products for Winter

By Sola Onitiri

Photo by Sola Onitiri

Photo by Sola Onitiri

Winter Time is no joke

Especially when it comes to skin care. The dip in temperature effects your skin in both subtle and colossal ways. Take me for example, this summer was oil city for me. My usually dry skin was seemingly covered in a layer of sebum (Sebum is the oily waxy substance that lubricates the face and scalp). Fast forward a few months and my face is so dry it could be used as a chalk board. Naturally, I had to make some adjustments. So if you need to make some winter time adjustments to your skincare routine Let's Get Going!

The Benefits of Clay Cleansers

Let's Get Cleansing - Pure Clay cleanser 

I have to be honest y'all, this cleanser gives me life. During the summer time, I'm strictly a foaming gel cleanser girl. During the winter time, those cleansers can be too stripping because I'm not as oily. So I wanted something that's more moisturizing without feeling like I have cram cleaner residue. Then I found the Pure-Clay Cleanser from L'oreal. When you squeeze this product in your hand, it's going to look like your run of the mill clay mask. Add a little water and it becomes a foamy mousse that leaves your pores SNATCHED.

Benefits of Clay Cleansers: Detoxifying + tightens skin

Our Favorite Skincare products for the Winter

Let's Get Exfoliating Biore pore unclogging scrub

I wish I discovered this product during the summer time. Biore's Pore Unclogging Scrub is a real staple but I would not recommend daily usage - especially if your skin is on the dry side. As you might have already gleaned - my pores need a lot of work. And this product gives the right amount of tingle and roughness. 

Benefits of Pore Unclogging Scrub - Perfect for perfecting skin texture + acne fighting 

The Perfect Skincare Products for Winter

Let's Get Micellar Water Cleansing - All in 1 Mattifying  

Shout out to every flawless french girl who's put all of America on to Micellar Water. On behalf of all of us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I love Micellar water because it truly is an all in one product. I use my Micellar water as make up remover AND toner. And let me tell you, it does the job and then some. 

Benefits of Micellar Water: Draws out impurities without drying the skin + moisturizing

The Best Skincare Products for Winter 2018

Let's Get Moisturizing - 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 

If you're not ready to dive head (and wallet) first into serums may I recommend this winter skin care hack? Hell, even if you do use serums you might want to consider throwing this in your regimen. Aloe Vera Gel, is the be all end all because it not only moisturizes and tightens, but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory and skin smoother. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel on Skin: Almost too many to count but mostly moisturizing, soothing, and skin tone evening. 

Top Winter Skincare Products


BONUS: Let's not Forget About the Rest of the body!

You will never find a body scrub better than Moroccan Oil's Fluer De Rose Body Buff. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's luxury and comfort in a bottle. Retailing at $52 for 6 fl oz, you might think it's pretty steep. However, after stepping out the shower with butter smooth skin that you don't need to moisturize even in the dead of winter, you'll realize that it's money well spend. 


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