My Favorite Style Shots Throughout The Years

People often ask me what I look for when I'm out shooting street style. Most people expect me to say luxury items; others think I'm trying to hunt down the hottest styles straight from the cover of Vogue. The reality is, I'm looking for a specific kind of person. I'm looking for the woman who has something to proclaim and strives to stand out. Fashion and non-fashion lovers alike who push the boundaries of convention and wear their hearts on their sleeves. I'm looking for people who aren't afraid to be too dressed up or too dressed down. After a few days of cleaning up my files in the attempt to seem more productive, I took a stroll down a pretty fashionable memory lane and found some of my favorite street style shots.

This is absolutely a low-key humble brag post. But in a way, these photos are my origin story. Photographing people who aren't afraid to take a fashion risk has changed by style and my life in unimaginable ways. Here are the people who will encourage you to always leave home in something that makes you feel iconic. Scroll though the slideshow to see some of my favorite street style shots. 


Favorite NYFW Street Style Shots