Fall 2017 Fashion Prep Week: Metallics, Being Extra, and Radical Self Confidence

By Sola Onitiri Photography: Kuan Young of House of Sym


We Deserve Fall

After a tumultuously hot, emotional, and violent summer let me be the first to say that we need, hell, deserve fall. But let's make this fall the best fall ever. Let's dress better, be more confident, wear whatever we want and go wherever we want. Basically, this fall, we want you to get going in a major way. So we've come up with a few themes that you should keep in mind so you can manifest some sweater weather, pumpkin spice realness.

All week long

we will share our favorite upcoming fall trends, why fall is the best time to get your shit together, and the joys that come from being extra. Want a sneak peek of what we'll be covering? Head over to our Insta and stay tuned. In the meantime here's some digital concept art detailing everything we'll be covering!