What Every Fashion Blogger Needs To Pack For Fashion Week

Well, folks, it’s finally here. New York Fashion Week is hitting the crowded streets of Soho and your snap stories tomorrow. All you fashion plates, fashionistas, and enthusiast already know that NYFW is our draft picks, inaugural pumpkin spice latte, Play-Offs, and Black Friday rolled up in one.

And if you are braving the shows this year, then you’ve probably been mulling over what you’re packing and wearing for some time now. On the flip side, if you’re anything like me, a grandmaster procrastinator with a packed schedule this NYFW, time may have gotten away from you and now it’s the day before fashion week and you haven’t even touched the mountain of laundry that’s made its home in the corner of your bedroom. Before you succumb to the feeling of ultimate doom, take a big woosah, because I’m here to help - you know, from one procrastinator to the other. And if you don't have these #littlebloggerproblems, here's a lil' peek into why I'm always holding so many darn things in my hands while I'm out on the streets. 

1. Phone Charger/Portable Charger



You're going to be Snapping and Gram-ing the day away so don’t be caught out on these streets with a dead phone. For fashion week I would highly recommend purchasing a portable charger - I guarantee that it will completely change your life. Being able to move around when your phone is charging instead of hugging the wall of a nearby Starbucks will make all the difference when you’re trying to get the shot or the interview.

2. Umbrella...ella...ella...aye...aye

What Every Fashion Blogger Should Pack For Fashion Week

Fashion week is rain or shine kiddies. So make sure you are fashionably rain proof before you hit the shows. If you’re worried about your umbrella clashing with your well thought of outfit (yet another #Littlebloggerthing) spring for a clear bubble umbrella (a la last year’s Club Monaco fashion show).

3. The Dress-Up/Dress Down Dress

What Every Blogger Should Pack for Fashion Week

Style starts with the basics. It’s all about getting pieces that are diverse and that you’ll never get tired of. The easiest item to do this with is a dress, with great structure and an amazing color that can be worn several different ways. 

4. The Emergency Kit

What Every Fashion Blogger Should Pack

Pay close attention to this one, because it may save your (fashion) life. The Emergency Kit is another small pouch of things you’ll need just in case shit gets real. The ideal fashion emergency kit has the following. Safety Pins - just in case you need a little help keeping your outfit together. Super Glue - for broken accessories and heels. Tide To Go Pen - perfect for the inevitable coffee stain. Makeup/Baby Wipes - also perfect for stains, ideal for keeping your kicks clean. Setting Spray - for keeping your face beat. Cash - just in case you’re in a crunch. Mints - to keep that breath as fresh as your outfit. Band-aids - for your heels, remember style doesn’t have to be pain. And if you have room, a comfy cute pair of flats.

5. Cardigan 

What Every Fashion Blogger Should Pack for NYFW

Challenging conventional cardigan norms this fashion week. Instead of the typical throwaway - the office is too cold - cardigan. Reach for something that’s a little more Avant-garde. Try