Fall Prep Week: The Art of Being Extra

By Sola Onitiri
Photos by Kuan of House of Sym
Styling by Sola Onitiri

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

This fall, I have a challenge for you. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to put on 100 layers of foundation or ingest a ladle of cinnamon. Instead, I want you ladies to take a big ol' giant step out of your comfort zone. I'm calling for the death of minimalism and the birth of being extra. From layering accessories to being more assertive in your dating life, being extra is truly an art, and here's how to pull it and everthing else. off. 

1. Pick Your Bold Signature LipStick

 In the infamous words of Elizabeth Taylor, "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together." There's nothing quite like perfecting that painted pout.This (your super fashionable fall 2017) don't just save lipstick for a special occasion. Stock up on your favorites like the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Blood Crimson or the Liquid Suede from NYX and do not part with it all season long. 

Lipstick Icon: Sasha Velour

2. Forget That Coco Chanel Quote

You know exactly which quote I'm talking about and hopefully you're equally as tired of it as I am. Forget the traditional fashion rules and layer up those accessories this fall 2017. If you don't feel like being extra with metallic slip dresses or billowing sleeves, the stack those bracelets, add some bows, don some feathers and don't just break all the rules, look extra doing it. 

Accessories Icon: Iris Apfel

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends - Being Extra

4. Find Your Power Color

And no black does not count. Black is always the new black and so on and so forth. But seriously, unless you're Victoria Beckham, I really and truly do not want to see any of you pretend that your same old same old black is (as Miranda Presley would sarcastically say) "Groundbreaking." And before you close this tab because I'm coming for your "signature color," remember, I'm only asking you to pick one color and build from there.

Color Loving Icon: Yayoi Kusama

5. Yes you CAN Pull that off

If you feel like you can't "Pull something off" one of two things might be happening. One: what you're trying to "pull off" is a shot by shot replica of someone else's style and none of what makes you, you is peeking through thus preventing you from being your own style icon. Or two, you're not practicing radical self-confidence. Confidence isn't only fashionable it is fashion. Point blank, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours. What separates those that can and those that "cannot" pull an outfit off is commitment and confidence. It will take practice but the best way to get going is to add small pieces that you like but wouldn't normally wear to your closet. 

Pulls Off All Looks Icon: Solange

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends; Your Signature Color

6. There is Always A Place To Wear That Outfit

We've all had the moment when we put a dress back on the rack because we "Didn't have a place to wear it." Up until a couple of months ago, I left show stopping pieces for some other fashionista to wow in. But there's a simple hack to overcoming this feeling. If you don't have a place to wear that outfit, create conditions for the perfect outfit. Nail down that hard to get reservation or Groupon those tickets to the Opera. Much like jobs, you don't dress for the social life you have but the social life you want.

Dressed to The 9s Icon: Khoi Nguyen

6. Be Emotional & LOUD

There's nothing wrong with speaking your mind and expressing yourself. Unfortunately, as women, how we express ourself is often labeled as bitter, crazy, bitchy, ditzy, or basic (and those are some of the nicer terms too). In place of being labeled these things some of us have settled for being the cool collected girl (Think that epic monologue from Gone Girl). We don't want to ask for that raise because we think it will be too pushy. Or maybe that boy's being flaky but confronting him seems crazy. There's obviously a time and place for everything, so find the time to speak and live truth without filter or fear of how you will be perceived. 

Open & Proud: Brooklyn Art Duo Sickly Particular

Fall 2017 Trends: Being Extra

7. Find Your Hype Crew

Surround yourself with like minded people who encourage you to be confident, loud, and absolutely fabulous. If every time you try something new, your crew scoffs remember what Will Smith's mom says in Parent's Just Don't Understand - "If they're laughing you don't need them 'cause they're not good friends." 

Squad Goals Icon: My Group Chat, You Rang? 

So are you ready to be extra this fall? Don't forget to read the rest of our Fall 2017 Fashion Prep Week!