The Secret To Layering Like A Stylist

By Sola Onitiri

Pst! Want to know the secret to layering like a stylist or a famous fashion blogger. Lean in a little bit closer and get ready for your mind to explode. The secret to layering like a boss is simple: Forget everything you've ever learned about what does and does not match. Because if you want to become a layering mastermind, you must be comfortable making bold choices and big risks. So, I'm going to teach you how to layer like a pro. And if you're looking for some pre-requisite reading pop on over and read all about The Art of Being Extra - trust me, it'll help. 

Grab Your Materials + Forget About Matching 

Fashion is an art form, so hunker down for this lengthy metaphor I'm about to make about styling and art. Layering, if you will, is like mix media art - It's all about pulling together a variety of different materials in order to make one larger picture. When you're constructing an outfit, think about assembling a dream team of different cuts, colors, styles, and materials. Don't get caught up in the particulars - just pick pieces that you think match the general aesthetic you're trying to achieve, not pieces that match each other. From there, we get into the fun stuff. 


Blend it All Together

Now that you've got the materials, it's time to paint this picture (I told you this metaphor was going to be lengthy). When it comes to actually wearing all the clothes you picked, it's important to remember that every item (despite being different) must have the same air time. Basically, there should be no crazy Beyonce level riffs while Kelly and Michelle are singing harmony in the back. Non-layered outfits are allowed to have standout pieces, layered outfits should force the eye to move around instead of staying trained in one place.

Practice Breaking The Rules

Start with what you know, throw on that printed dress and your favorite choker. After you do that, break all the rules. Where skirts as shirts and shirts as pants. Tuck half of it in, then tuck it out. Be monochromatic, asymmetric, and eccentric. Completely disregard that overused Coco Chanel quote about taking off an accessory before leaving the house; Add three more. Don't be afraid of looking crazy, corny, or crafty. And dress with several purposes in mind. A well-layered outfit should accommodate every aspect of your lifestyle while keeping you comfy and warm for the cold weather. And remember, practice makes perfect. You're not going to become a layering master over night. It takes time and courage to cultivate perfectly layered looks that fit your style sensibilities. So stay fabulous and keep layering. 

What are some of your layering Secrets?