On Trend Tresses: Hairstyles We Love and What's Coming Up For Fall

By Lisa Le

From Selena Gomez's short and sweet haircut to Katy Perry's pixie hair transformation, we are loving summer's styles and inspiration but as we transition to Fall and Winter, we'll definitely be seeing something different on everyone and we can't help but anticipate some of Fall's best hairstyles to try!

Our Faves This Summer

1. Natural Hair Textures

Like forreal, look how good Solange look-There's so much texture, volume and definition. Don't we all wish we woke up looking this fabulous? 

2. Long Side-Swept Braids

Jhene Aiko literally looks bomb in every single hair style she rocks. She's been known to rock dreads, long sleek hair to short and curly. We can't help but to have a little #girlcrush on her. 

3. Blonde and Pixie

It literally irks my soul every time I hear men say something like "I like women better with long hair" or "Long hair is sexier" Like seriously, who are you to define what is and isn't "sexy" We, as women change our hair all the time and we wish that we wouldn't be judged on something as simple as hair. 

Katy Perry brings such a powerful message to me and other women out there by cutting off all her hair and not letting society tell her what  "sexy" or "beautiful" should look like. #GoKaty!

4. Short and Tousled 

Every single person has been freaking out over Salena Gomez's haircut. And I must agree, it looks gorgeous on her and I'm loving the way it's styled here-it just looks so effortless and beach-ready!

What To Expect This Fall

1. Sleek Ponytails



2. Bold Bangs


3. Long Bobs


4. Messy Braids