New Music Collective Touches Down In Philly

By Sola Onitiri 

Odd Gifts Records Philly

Whether you're an artist, photographer, singer, or musician chances are you've had moments where you need positivity, inspiration, or maybe just a helping hand to help you get to the finish line. It's within that spirit that Odd Gift Records creates and collaborates. 

Odd Gift Records is a Brooklyn and Boston based music collective. They're are a group of musicians, artists, and friends who collaborate on records, projects, album artwork, dinner and "whatever needs making". They are 100% committed to growing and fostering the creative community, OGR welcomes all kinds of collaboration and is hell-bent on bringing positivity, music, art, shows, and memories to their peers in different cities - and they just touched down in Philadelphia. 

They kicked off their debut in Philly at PhilaMOCA with talented Odd Gift Record's regulars and Philly newcomers. Psych-pop cool kids Carroll were joined by Odd Gift Record Brooklyn's super talented Adler Hall, Philly's own ladies making noise, Lady Parts and rock/pop duo and absolute dream boats LizDeLise

We have Liz to thank for bringing Odd Gift Records to the city of brotherly love and for booking both incredible and incredibly diverse shows. "In any booking venture, I try to make sure the bills are as diverse as possible. It's a constant reminder of how homogenous (white) my own music world is, and I think reflects a bigger problem in the DIY/indie rock scene although it has been changing and that's so awesome."

I'm very excited to see this collective come to Philly and take a step towards providing a literal stage for all kinds of artists. Here are some pictures from their inaugural show. Catch there second show tonight (June 16, 2017) at Kung Fu Neck Tie. Can't make it tonight? Follow them on Facebook for more information on all of their amazing upcoming shows. And don't forget to support your local scene!