The Style Toolkit: Witches With Absolutely Wicked Style

By Sola Onitiri

The Witches of Eastwick

The Witches of Eastwick

Back in the day witches were seen as old women in black who were in serious need of a good skincare routine. Now, thanks to the stylish ladies on this list, witches are seen as powerful vibrant women with wardrobes to match. Right in time for Halloween, here's our list of witches with absolutely wicked style. 

Sabrina the teenage witch (1996) - Sabrina 

Whether she was trying to pass chemistry or cast a spell, there's no denying Sabrina's incredible styling choices like velvet baby doll dresses and lime green mini skirts. 


Teen witch (1986) - Louise Miller

Sometimes when your wardrobe and love life need a re-up the only thing you can turn to is magic. A la the OG Teen Witch Louise, sometimes you need a little push to razzle dazzle to make a statement. 

American Horror Story Coven (2014) - Marie laveau

The Style Toolkit Angela Basset AHS.jpg

Head wraps, long braids, and layered jewelry Angela Bassett may not be the supreme but her style clearly says that she's the wrong witch to mess with. 

The Craft (1996)

Wichin' aint easy and neither is high school. Although the girls of The Craft are stuck in their Catholic school uniforms during the day, when they have a chance to change it's all sweeping layered maxi dresses and chokers

Holes (2003) - madame zeroni 

The Style Toolkit Madame Zeroni.jpg

Played by the legendary actress and singer Eartha Kitt, Madame Zeroni style (complete with gold embellishments and turban) is more powerful than a centuries long curse.  

Witches of eastwick (1987) Cher, Michelle Pfifer, and susan sarandon 


Okay, full disclosure, this article started off with this movie. Filled to brim with icons (Cher AND Susan Sarandon AND Michelle Pfifer....GURL) big hair, and metallic lingerie inspired evening gowns, this is a Halloween movie that truly has it all. 

Into The Woods (2014) - The Witch 

The Style Toolkit Into The Woods

Sickening in "The Last Midnight" Blue. That's how Meryl Streep should be credited for Into The Woods. This fall, take a note from The Witch and swap out the black for dark blue. 

Casper Meets Wendy (1998) - Wendy 

Casper Meets Wendy.jpg

The new power color of fashion lovers, Hilary Duff has been rocking red since 1998 in Casper Meets Wendy.